Casino Bonuses Explained, Exposed & Exploited

Casino bonuses are the icing that turns a simple muffin into a decadent cake. You can enjoy playing online casino games, and when you throw in a few bonuses, well, the experience is that much more satisfying. There are some standard bonuses that nearly every casino in the industry offers their customers, and then there are some unique ones that you’ll only find occasionally. Bonuses are great for anyone, but they are particularly useful for new players who are just getting used to playing these online casino games and could certainly use the extra money. excels at hunting down the best offers for both online and mobile casino players so that we can offer our readers the most value for their money. Our experts find and deliver the latest and greatest offers with the most up to date bonuses available, so you are always receiving new and fresh offers that are worth your while. We’ve also gone through the different types of casino bonuses to help you understand what they are all about, how they work, and how to take advantage of each offer. Take a look.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins are a lot of fun and easy to use. These are basically free tokens to play online slots machines at a particular casino. Online casinos will generally award free spins for a specific online slots machine, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes casinos randomly hand out 10 or 25 free spins, while other bonuses climb to 100 or more.

The best way to take advantage of free spin offers is to get them while they’re hot. You can learn more about how free spins work by visiting our dedicated free spins page and don’t forget to check back there frequently so you can get the most out of these offers.

Welcome / Sign Up Bonuses

Probably the most popular online casino bonus, the welcome or sign up bonus is a big hit no matter where you go. Offers vary significantly from one casino to the next, and some welcome bonuses are a one-time reward, while others continue to reap benefits for weeks after you sign up. So, make sure you are signing up for a casino that will give you the most for your money.

Regardless of which bonus you receive, these are some terms you should get to know.

  • Wagering requirements
    Wager requirement are how much you need to bet in order to receive the bonus. For example, a 10-coin bonus might come with a 30x wager requirement. If so, you’ll need to wager the amount of the bonus (10 coins) 30 times (300 coins) before you can access the bonus and withdraw it. Some casinos call this a play-through demand.
  • Game restrictions
    In addition to how much you have to wager, many casinos have restrictions on which games qualify towards your requirements. For example, most casinos count all their online slots towards the wager requirements. So, if you play 3,000 coins worth of gaming on a variety of their slots machines, you’ll be eligible for the bonus. Other games, however, will not contribute or will only partially contribute to the wager requirements. Blackjack for example often only contributes 20% to the wager requirements, so you’d have to play that game five times more than a slots machine in order to accrue the necessary wager requirements to withdraw your bonus.
  • Bonus clearing techniques
    Bonus clearing techniques are different tricks and strategies you can use to get through the bonus requirements faster. Understanding the bonus terms, choosing the best bonuses for you, betting the maximum, and making larger deposits (for deposit bonuses) are a few common tricks.
  • Cashable vs. non-cashable bonuses
    There are many types of bonuses; some are cashable, and some are non-cashable. Cashable bonuses mean you can withdraw your entire bankroll once you’ve cleared the bonus requirements: balance, bonus, and all. Non-cashable bonuses mean you can use the bonus amount within the casino, but you cannot withdraw it as cash. So if the casino gives you a 500 coin non-cashable bonus, you can use that money on any of the casino games. If you go to withdraw, you will only be able to take out the balance and your winnings, not the 500 bonus coins.
  • Which Type of Bonus Works for You
    So, which is the best for you? That really depends on the type of player you are. Do you love the slots machines? Then a free spin bonus will really work to your advantage. Prefer the cards tables? Then you should look for a welcome bonus with fewer strings attached, something with straight up cash or bonus coins you can spend on those games you enjoy.

No-Deposit Bonuses

These are wonderful little bonuses that really give you a lot of bang for your buck. Many casino bonuses require you to make a deposit, and then you receive additional money on top of that initial deposit. A no-deposit bonus is free money (or spins, or whatever the promotion is), without having to do anything to earn it. Simply being a member of the club gives you access to these lucrative deals.

Generally, online casinos will send out emails or SMS notifications alerting you about a no-deposit bonus, so be sure to sign up for these lines of communication, so you don’t miss out on the deals.

Mobile Bonuses

Mobile bonuses are special casino rewards that are awarded exclusively to mobile players. With the growing demand for mobile accessibility for everything from shopping to banking and beyond, the online casino industry has branched out into the mobile device range as well. They also offer great incentives for members to tap into their mobile casino apps.

Some benefits to playing online casino games via the mobile apps are better graphics, easier payment processing, and touch capabilities. And that’s before we even mention the special mobile bonuses!

Many online casinos run exclusive bonus offers for their mobile players. These can include VIP tickets to promotional events, sporting events, and music concerts. And there are plenty of other mobile-only offers, so check back frequently to keep updated.

High Roller / VIP Bonuses

As with many offline casino establishments, online casinos like to reward their frequent customers with a little something extra. As such, nearly all casinos run a high roller or VIP program. The more you spend, the more you earn, and the merits really add up. VIP players end up with better exchange rates, paid holidays to exotic locales, and exciting event tickets, along with other items to pamper and praise the loyal players.

Monthly Re-load Bonuses

A monthly reload bonus is an easy way to refill your balance. If you make a deposit on the specified day, the online casino will credit you with a bonus deposit of their own, free of charge.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Another popular way to earn cash quickly and easily is with a refer-a-friend bonus. It’s simple; just refer your friends to play using a promo code or affiliate link which the online casino provides, and when they sign up and start playing, you get money. The more friends you get to sign up, the more money you make.

Preferred Payment Bonus

Many casinos don’t offer this bonus, but it’s a great one when they do. You’re funding your account anyway, why not make money while you’re at it? Just refill your bankroll using the casino’s preferred payment method, and you automatically receive the bonus. It’s a s simple as that.


The wonderful world of online casino punting is filled with exciting and lucrative opportunities to have fun and make money. Don’t let these terrific opportunities pass you by. Read up on all the fabulous bonuses available to you, and then maximise your fun and profit with smart bonus strategies today!