Mobile Casino Apps

Mobile gaming has exploded, and everyone and his mother is playing casino games while they wait in line at the grocer’s market, for the next train to arrive, or pass the time in the doctor’s office waiting room. Thanks to the technology of today, the modern smartphone has become a handheld gaming console, and everyone is reaping the benefits. With mobile casino apps being developed at lightning speed, there is practically no game you won’t be able to find within the thrilling borders of a convenient app.

Of course, with all this app development going on, the obvious has happened. The regular Joe is left dazed and confused. So many mobile casino app options, terms, and games to choose from. The solution? We’ve come up with a comprehensive mobile casino app guide to answer all your questions and set you straight. You’re welcome!

We’ll walk you through the processes of selecting a reputable mobile casino app (and teach you how to sniff out a scam), downloading apps onto your phone, playing all your favourite games straight on your mobile device, and so much more. Understand the technical requirements, terms, and conditions so you can sound like an expert in front of your chaps, and learn which apps will deliver the kind of bonuses people drool over. Ready to get started? Then let’s dive right in!

Why Mobile Gaming is Getting Huge

To begin with, it’s good for you to understand what you gain from playing casino games from your mobile device. In fact, there are more advantages than we could ever list, but here are the major perks to mobile gaming:

  • Convenience
    When it comes to convenience, nothing beats mobile. You’re never without your mobile, naturally, so you’re already saving the inconvenience of needing an additional device to play with. Mobile casino apps let you play straight on your mobile whenever the mood arises and wherever you are in the world. You can’t beat that.
  • Play on your terms
    Have five minutes before a meeting starts? Get in a game of blackjack. Need to wait for your chum to finish getting ready before you go out? Win some extra cash for the night at a game of slots. Need to take a call? Simply put your game on pause and continue when you’re ready. In short, play casino games on your terms, not on anyone else’s.
  • Cheaper alternative to land-based casinos
    We don’t have to tell you just how much you’ll be saving on travel expenses, petrol, hotels, food, airfare, and more by staying right where you are and playing all the same entertaining games right on your smartphone.
  • Bonuses
    The “perks” you can get from land casinos simply can’t compare to the mobile app bonuses you receive constantly. From welcome bonuses to weekly and monthly reloads, free spins, and no deposit bonuses, there’s always another way to make some easy money for free!
  • More available than desktop
    Since your mobile goes where you go, mobile apps are so much more available than their desktop counterparts are. Enough said.
  • Better graphics
    App developers are quickly realising how popular mobile gaming is becoming, so they are gearing their games towards mobile, more and more. That means better graphics, richer sound clips, and more involved animations that play beautifully on your smartphone and tablet.
  • Easier to use, hand held
    This is a no-brainer; it’s just so much easier to manoeuvre a touchscreen than a joystick or keyboard, making mobile gaming faster, smoother, and so much more fun.
  • Faster payments
    With pay by phone and built-in mobile payments, refilling your account and cashing out is faster and easier than ever.

Winning Real Money…For Real!

While free is fun, many punters are in this for the big cash out. If that’s you, then you’re going to want to play the Real Money account games for a chance at hitting the jackpot. Here’s how it works:

  • You start by signing up for a mobile casino app account of your choice. We have several reliable options that we recommend for safe, secure, and fun gaming.
  • Make a deposit to start your fun, and then select the game you want to try.
  • Various games will have varying odds of winning, so choose wisely.

When you do win, withdrawing is rather simple. Generally, casinos will opt to pay you via the same payment method you used to make your deposit. Read our page on smart deposit options so you can get your money faster and more easily. In short, though, choose an e-wallet or virtual payment option for the fastest and safest method possible. Once your withdrawal has been cleared by the casino and any financial institutions involved, your winnings will be deposited into your specified location (bank account, debit card, and mailbox).

Real Success Stories

We know what you’re thinking. How much money are we talking about, here? After all, you and your chums have played casino games before and never won more than chump change. Well, here are a few real-life success stories that’ll give you hope and something to aim for:

  • August 2016: DP wins 7.9 million euros from his mobile device playing Mega Moolah’s iPad version
  • January 2013: Bloke from Finland wins $24 million after betting 25 cents on a slots machine!
  • October 2015: One lucky Brit walks away with 13.2 million on a game of Mega Fortunes. The guy was 25 years old!

And there are plenty of other stories. Why not be the next big headline winner? That only happens if you play real money casino games though, so get started on your road to jackpot heaven.

Safety First: How Casino Apps Are Kept Legit

Safety is an important factor when choosing and playing on mobile casino apps. Luckily, the industry provides several ways to keep mobile casino gaming fun and safe at the same time. Some of these enforced guidelines include:

  • Casino apps are developed by well-known and reputable software companies. These companies have their reputation on the line when casinos host their games. That’s why they develop their games with fair, safe, and fun parameters, ensuring each game is random, and the results are a fair distribution of wins to losses.
  • For casinos to grow and make money, the players need to win money, too. After all, who would keep playing if they never won a thing? With so much competition, casino apps will go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive experience with them. Unfair gaming practices don’t make for a positive experience, so reputable casinos avoid these shady policies.
  • For the maximum security and fairness, governments have created regulatory bodies jurisdiction licenses. These bodies enforce strict laws that each casino is required to follow if they want to be licensed under that agency. Some of the more trustworthy licensing agencies include Isle of Man and Alderney. eCogra is a testing agency that periodically tests online casino games for fairness and legitimacy. A casino with an eCogra stamp is known to be credible.

Unfortunately, rogue casinos do exist, and smart punters are on the lookout for these institutes of ill repute. Some tell-tale signs of untrustworthy businesses include not having a proper license for gambling, not stating their policies clearly on the website, and not having reliable testing agencies backing them.

Of course, the casino apps on are all tested, approved, licensed, and regulated, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re playing at a dependable casino.

Getting Started Playing Mobile Casino Games

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to get down to business. Here’s your step by step guide to getting started playing mobile casino games:

  • Step #1: Research your options
    Start by finding the best app to suit your needs. There are a few ways you can do this. You can browse the web, test out different casino sites and apps, and hope that you land on a respectable site. Alternatively, you can rely on the well-researched and tested reviews on for a whole list of quality sites and apps that you can rely on.
  • Step #2: Download the casino app of your choice
    Once you’ve found a casino app you like, it’s time to download it onto your device. Generally, the online casino will have an easy link to the download page on the app store that’s appropriate for your device. Visit the site on your mobile or desktop, click on the link, ask for an SMS to be sent to your mobile device, or scan the QR code that’s available to you. From here, it’s a simple download like any other app you would download onto your mobile device. For iOS systems, your casino app will appear as soon as it finishes downloading. For Android and Windows devices, you’ll need to allow permissions in your security settings for third party apps to be installed.
    Alternatively, you can browse the app stores (either Google Play, iTunes, or third party app stores) for a casino that looks like fun. Just be sure to check its credibility before signing up or downloading.
  • Step #3: Open your casino account
    Next, you’ll need to register with the casino. Why? Because this will give you a lot of benefits including bonuses like no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and the highly lucrative welcome bonus that nearly all casinos offer upon sign up, a wider gaming selection, and email and SMS updates on events and tournaments. Make sure to opt in for the bonuses when you sign up. Besides, signing up takes just a minute, so you might as well. If you already have an account, you can use the same account for desktop and mobile.
  • Step #4: Choose your game, and have fun!
    Once you’ve downloaded and signed up for an account, the wealth of casino games is at your fingertips. You can choose from a tremendous array of games (more on that in the next section), try out new games, play favourites, or become an expert in one category or another. Basically, now the world is your oyster, so start punting!

Mobile Gaming Selection

As mentioned, there are thousands of gaming options available to you once you begin your journey into the wonderful world of online casino punting. The most common gaming categories you’ll see on casino apps include:

  • Slots
    Mobile slots are a selection of the choicest slots machines available online. While you won’t always have access to all the slots, you would on desktop, the mobile casino app will deliver you the best of the best. Bear in mind that some casinos do allow you access to all their slots, so look out for these apps for the widest variety. Mobile slots are particularly enjoyable for gamers because they are designed for touchscreen playing (a smoother, easier, and more fun experience all around), better sound quality, and amazing graphics that jump out at you as you play.
  • Card games
    There are several table card games for the average punter to choose from. Whether you have a penchant for blackjack (classic or a variation), casino hold’em, baccarat, or some other card variety, you’ll find them in this section of the casino.
  • Roulette
    There is a tremendous demand for mobile roulette games, and the developers have introduced a huge selection as a result. From American roulette to premium, 3D, and even themed, there are numerous roulette options you can enjoy on your mobile device.
  • Video poker
    Video poker is another great option gamers love to explore on their mobiles. The touchscreen and swipe motion are ideally suited for this fast-paced game, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of these varieties.

Supported Devices

Not long ago, you had to be very particular about which mobile device you invested in if you were a serious gamer. Today, however, nearly all devices support the mobile casino apps, so you don’t need to think twice about compatibility. Nearly all iOS, Android, and Windows devices will allow for easy, smooth, and quality casino game play including iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies, Motorola, Sony, LG, and more. You can even find a selection of smartwatch casinos to play right on your wrist!

Get Gaming Today!

So, whether you’re looking for a solid sports betting type casino like Ladbrokes, want a wild and zany experience like Casumo, or prefer a gentlemen’s club like Mr. Green, we’ve got all the information you need to succeed. And remember, we’re here to help. helps you find the best casino apps out there, so be in touch with all your questions today!