What is Mobile Casino Gaming All About?

It doesn’t take long to see the tremendous benefits of mobile casino gaming. With your smartphone ever-ready, you have an instant, easily accessible, and portable gaming console at your fingertips whenever you want it. Wherever you go, from the train to the plane, the office to the dentist, your phone comes along, and with it, the vast array of gaming opportunities.

Mobile casino gaming is starting to sound pretty good, isn’t it? So, next time you’re stuck in traffic, waiting for a friend to show up, bored because the CEO won’t stop jabbering, or any other time you need some great entertainment with easy access, just grab your mobile, and you’re all set!

How we Rate our Mobile Casinos

You’re ready to have some fun at a top notch mobile casino. The one problem is you have no idea where to find them. After all, there are hundreds of mobile casinos available online and at the App Stores, but which ones are good? Which ones are honest? How can you know which mobile casinos will offer you great deals, good quality gaming, and a decent selection of casino games? That’s where RealMoneyCasinoApp.co.uk comes in. Our in-depth reviews are easy to read through, well researched, and cover all the topics you’ll need in order to find the best mobile casino app for you. Check them out here.

In case you were curious, our reviewers take their job seriously. Mobile casino gaming is a huge industry, and somebody has to stay on top of these chaps to make sure they’re doing things right. That’s why our mobile casino app reviews are so carefully researched. Wondering how we rate each of the mobile casinos we report on? Here’s a quick breakdown of the ranking process so you can know why we’ve chosen the apps we have as the best of the best.

  • Games offered
    How many games a mobile casino app offers is a big deal. After all, if you don’t have variety, things will get pretty boring fast. The number and the range of categories a mobile casino app offers contribute to its overall score.
  • Portability of casino to handset
    How easily does your online casino account transfer over to the mobile version? If you have a smooth experience online but then run into frequent hiccups on the mobile app, you are quickly going to lose interest fast. Mobile casinos, therefore, must be easily able to access all of your current account information, preferences, gaming selections, banking details, and the rest directly on your portable device.
  • Ease of use
    Likewise, how easy it is to use the mobile app will affect its score. Whether you are a new player or a current one, there’s a lot that goes into a successful customer experience. Things like opening an account, depositing money, changing settings, viewing history, and just playing games, need to be smooth, comfortable, intuitive, and obviously, mobile-optimized to work well on a smaller screen.

Apps vs. Browser-based Casinos

If you’ve ever played a mobile casino game before, you already know that there are two different types of mobile casinos: dedicated mobile apps and browser-based casinos. If you aren’t sure what the differences are, here’s a brief explanation.

  • Browser-based Casinos
    Browser-based casinos are simply online casinos played on your mobile device. You go to your mobile browser, type in the URL for the mobile casino you wish to visit, and you are directed to the website. It works the same way any other website you would visit on your mobile device does.
    The benefits of browser-based gaming are that the mobile casino doesn’t take up any room on your device and as long as you have an internet connection, you can play freely without signing up for an account. The downside is that certain games, features, and benefits won’t be available to you as a simple web visitor.
  • Dedicated Mobile Apps
    Dedicated mobile casino apps, on the other hand, offer you a more personalised experience. You’ll have to download the app from the App Store, but then the application sits on your device indefinitely. The casino bonus to this type of gaming is a more personalised experienced, as we mentioned. You can receive special deals and offers, wider gaming options, and added features that only app players are privy to. Many developers also put more effort into creating better quality graphics and sounds for the application.

Mobile Casino Games on Offer

There are hundreds of games available today on mobile casinos, and more come out all the time. Some of the most popular options include:


In general, today’s mobile casino apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, and most will cater to other brands such as Windows, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire tablets, as well. So, you don’t really have to worry about which version, model, or hardware you’re using. As long as it’s fairly recent, you’re covered in terms of processing power, graphic requirements, and memory. For the best experience, gamers should have a steady Wi-Fi or at least 3G connection, so games are not interrupted in the middle.

How to Download Your Favourite Mobile Casino

There are multiple ways to get the best mobile casino apps onto your devices. Here are a few options:

  • Download from App/Play Store
    This is the most typical way to get your mobile casino experience going. Simply visit the website via your mobile browser, and click on the mobile casino link. This will send you directly to the relevant app store, where you can just click download to start the process. When the download is finished, you’ll be asked to go to your settings to allow permissions for this application to run on your device. And that’s it!
  • Scan QR Code
    Recently, some online casinos have taken advantage of the faster, easier QR code option. Just scan the QR code, and the download page will be displayed.
  • SMS Option
    Pretty much the same idea as the other two, but some people just like doing things via SMS instead. On the online casino page, you’ll be asked to fill in your mobile number. Immediately, you’ll receive an SMS with a link to the mobile casino download. Click through, and you are ready to go.

Summing Things Up

Mobile casino apps are the way to go. Play more often, create better odds, and enjoy your gaming experience whenever you want with the convenience and the flexibility of mobile casino apps today!