Pay by Phone Casinos

We’re always on the lookout for ways to keep our private information safer. Especially now that the world seems to be watching our every move; it’s becoming more imperative than ever to keep those bank accounts close at hand. With no other option, though, gamers have been handing over their debit card and banking details to casinos all over the world. Now there’s another option.

The pay by phone payment method is fairly new to the scene, but it is understandably gaining popularity faster than wireless headphones. Putting players’ biggest concerns first, this payment method ensures privacy, security, and anonymity at the highest levels. Never heard of the pay by phone option? Then check out what it’s all about, how it works, and which online casinos are already supporting this popular choice.

How to Play Casino Games Online and Pay with Your Mobile Phone

Setting up mobile payments is easier than you’d imagine and safer than the alternatives. Take these quick steps to get set up in no time:

  1. Sign up for a mobile payment platform like Payforit and provide your details.
  2. When you want to refill your online casino account balance, simply select this payment option and put in your mobile number.
  3. The funds will be transferred to your casino account automatically without ever mentioning your bank details whatsoever.
  4. The payment will be added to your next mobile bill and can be seen on your upcoming statement.

Even if you use pre-paid mobiles, you can take advantage of this method. Instead of showing up on your next bill, the payment will simply be deducted from your current pre-paid balance. You can use this method for as long as your pre-paid balance allows.

It’s as simple and as safe as that.

Top Casinos That Offer Paying By Phone

As mentioned, this is a relatively new concept, but already some industry leaders are accepting mobile payments via this innovative and reassuring method. Some of the best online casinos that allow for the pay by phone option include Casumo and mFortune. Players will appreciate the security, ease of use, and state of the art billing that these casinos offer, making your gaming experience that much better.

What are the Benefits of Paying Via Phone Bill?

So what’s all the excitement about? Why are mobile payments preferred over any other form of payment? And, what can you gain from this alternative, anyway? Here are the biggest benefits to pay by phone casinos that you can appreciate right now:

  • Security
    If you’ve ever been nervous about letting someone else handle your personal banking details, you should be. Scandals abound, and gamers in particular need to be careful about who is allowed to view these coveted numbers.
    When you set up mobile payments for your online casino account, the only one who handles your sensitive information is YOU. That’s right; no more handing over your debit card number or banking details to a stranger, online casino representative, or third party financial institution. You put in the information; you approve the payments, you handle the transactions. You and nobody else.
  • Privacy
    Additionally, nobody has to see what you are doing with your leisure time or money. With your own payment by phone channel, you can keep your punting penchant discreet and to yourself.
  • Ease of use
    With your payments being made from your mobile device, funding your fun has never been easier. Just the tap of a button, and voila, your bankroll is refilled in no time. No complicated forms to fill out, no tiresome procedures to run through. All the information is there, and you are literally just clicking a button.
  • No passwords
    One of the most annoying things about additional accounts and other payment methods is having to remember all those passwords. Pay by phone casinos alleviate that headache, making the process even smoother and easier than ever.

Is it Safer than Paying via Debit Card?

Mobile payments are safer than paying via debit card for one simple reason. When you pay by debit card, you still have to give your debit card number and details to a casino representative. Whoever is working in their back office now has access to your account information. And no matter how reputable the agent you are speaking with might be, there is no telling who will see that information and use it for their own purposes.

Keeping payments local on your own device is the safest way to make payments. Period.

Take Advantage of Pay by Phone Payments Now

The pay by phone option is the best of all worlds, ensuring that you don’t rack up a tremendous (and pricey) debit card bill, while still allowing you to play on the fly without having to pre-plan your next gambling session. With no additional fees and more security, pay by phone is the obvious choice for discerning punters everywhere.