Smartwatch Casinos

We really have evolved in recent years. You can now pay your bills over the phone, order a custom-made suit online, and make money off of your wrist. No, we’re not talking about tennis players or anything nearly as exhausting. The latest craze in mobile gaming is smartwatch casinos, and punters are going mad about them. You can enjoy the benefits of online and mobile gaming in the ultimate form of convenience with this hands-free device that is taking the public by storm! Check out everything you need to know about smartwatch casinos and how you can get on board today.

Connect with the best smartwatch casinos available on the market today with this list of Top Smartwatch Casinos in 2020:

What are Smartwatches?

For the unversed among us, smartwatches are simply a mobile device that is designed to be worn on your wrist. Complete with touchscreen, computer capabilities, a full OS, and phone functionality (in some cases), smartwatches can even play advanced casino games just like any other mobile device. Basically, smartwatches are wrist-sized computers that you can take with you anywhere you go.

Why Play Casino Games on Your Smartwatch?

No doubt the potential is quickly dawning on you for these pint-size playing machines. Punters everywhere are embracing smartwatch casinos because:

  • Multitasking at its best
    Playing a game on your wrist is really the ultimate in multitasking. After all, both your hands are free to accomplish other jobs; you can conveniently put it down at a moment’s notice, and then pick it back up when you are ready to resume playing, and you don’t have to carry around any additional equipment in order to play.
  • Ultimate convenience
    You might forget your keys on the kitchen work surface or your briefcase back at home, but how many people forget to take their watch? On your wrist all day every day, smartwatches allow you to have your gaming platform conveniently located and with you no matter where you are or what time of day it is.
  • Super clean interface
    Because the screen is so much smaller than other gaming platforms, smartwatch casinos need to keep the interface super clean and efficient. They utilise every inch of space for maximum gaming enjoyment, cutting away all the superfluous noise and distractions.
  • Discretion
    Try pulling your tablet out during a board meeting for a short game of blackjack, and you’ll probably find yourself looking for other employment shortly after. With a smartwatch casino, on the other hand, you can get in a bit of punting action no matter where you may be (in the office, on the tram, waiting in line at the farmer’s market), without anyone the wiser.
  • It’s so much fun!
    Let’s face it. Doesn’t the idea of playing a quick game of slots right on your wrist sound appealing? With a James Bond-esque flair, punters love the sleek, smooth, and cool feel of gaming on the go with this simple and ingenious device.

Smartwatch Slots

Smartwatch slots are some of the most popular options for casino players. Their clean interface makes them easy on the eyes and effortless to play, the fast pace of the game is ideal for fluctuating schedules and on the moment stop and start, and the easy game play is the perfect solution for an active gamer who is likely to be interrupted or distracted by other activities in the middle. What’s more, there is the widest variety of smartwatch slots from all the casino games available. Punters can spin the reels wherever they are in total discretion, so naturally, these games are some of the top picks at smartwatch casinos.

How to Play

The two most important things you need to start playing at a smartwatch online casino is the hardware and the casino.

  1. Apple Watch is certainly the biggest contender for smartwatch online casinos, but the selection of smartwatches manufactured by Huawei, Sony, Motorola, LG, and other are also good options. Any WatchOS or Android Wear supported device will do.
  2. Some of the top casinos that offer smartwatch online casino games include Casumo, Ladbrokes and JackpotCity. It’ll be faster and easier to sign up for an account from your desktop, so do that first.
  3. Then, you can play the games as you normally would. Download or play directly on the browser, then place bets, press play, swipe the level, etc.

Available Games & Developers

Smartwatch technology is a tricky field, and only the biggest names have taken on the challenge. Microgaming is currently the driving energy and innovator in smartwatch online casino games. They presently have several stellar games to choose from including the popular Thunderstruck. Steeped in Norse mythology, Thunderstruck has excellent graphics and exciting bonus rounds, all of which are included in the smartwatch casino experience. The Dark Knight Rises, a Batman rendition, is also available for smartwatch play.

Playtech is also developing games for the smartwatch, so look out for these soon.

A New Technology Sprouting Wings

With all that, smartwatch casinos are still in their infancy. That means the gaming and smartwatch casino selection is somewhat limited. As this innovation picks up speed, however, you can expect to see a lot more coming out on the market for smartwatch wearers everywhere.